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Gayle Roper and Chuck Holson’s Allah’s Fire

I really enjoyed this book because the action makes sense. In this novel, you have Liz Fairchild who is an American reporter in Beirut and Sergeant John Cooper in Special Forces. They dated in the states until one day he essentially disappeared (he had a mission to go to). Liz is in Beirut when she sees him, but has no idea he is undercover. Then Liz goes to help a family and once again gets thrown right in the Special Forces way. I appreciated this book because Liz wasn’t one of those annoying reporters who must get the story. She was just trying to enjoy Beirut (at first). John Cooper is your all around American boy and his team is really fun and likeable. Spiritually, you have Liz and the Team who need all kinds of prayer as they run through Beirut and then there’s Liz’s sister who married a nice guy, but a muslim and has to learn to deal with it. Don’t be unequally yoked folks!

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Susan May Warren’s Team Hope Series

Team Hope is a group of men and women who were at some point in the military but now run Search and Rescue. Yet, that doesn’t stop them from getting involved in many international plots. The series is fun, exciting, and romantic. A part of me wishes she had given everyone in the Team their own story, but she choose to highlight three. You can’t go wrong with any of them. Most of the characters already have a relationship with God, but for some it’s more distant than others. They all have to work through their own problems, shames, hurts but eventually they learn to heal. Any favorites?

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Dee Henderson’s Uncommon Heroes

Dee Henderson has written some fabulous military books. I say fabulous because she does her research and you can learn so much about the jobs that these men have. My favorite one is True Devotion. I mean there’s an “I love you” at the end of the first chapter. So good. This is the book that led me to her other books. In this book, you have Kelly, a Navy Seal widow and Joe, her husband’s best friend. When Nick died, Joe stepped in to take care of Kelly just because. But, they have discovered that they just might have feelings for each other? Throw in a little mystery and some Navy Seals missions and you have a great book. It’s not too heavy on the details that you’re lost and for me, the pages fly by. Spiritually, Kelly and Joe have to learn to trust God as they embrace new roles in life. A keeper!

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Ronie Kendig

When I first stumbled upon this series only the first two books were out. At the time, I couldn’t put my finger on the reason why, but I wanted to read more. This series is about a group of soldiers who have had to get out of the military for some reason or the other. Yet, they love it. So the government starts this program, that they will deny if asked about, that needs the skills of these selected soldiers. It kind of reminded me of X-men, because each of these guys has their own kryptonite (Superman, I know). Being a huge fan of superheroes, these books fed that need. I would have to say Wolfsbane is my favorite, but all are enjoyable. Since you have four guys that are highlighted, they each approach God differently, but each one of them needs Him. Otherwise, they would still be in the military.

Does anyone know of any other great military fiction novels?

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L.K. Malone’s Divided Loyalties

This book takes every cliche about military men and romance and flips it on its head. Giselle is the daughter of a Vice Admiral and lives with him in Italy. After a thwarted kidnapping where she is rescued by Raz Chayil, a Marine first lieutenant, her father signs her up for self-defense classes with Chayil. Thus begins the start of what you may assume is a classic romance. Let’s just say things get really tense and by the middle of the book Giselle doesn’t know who to trust anymore. Giselle is great character. She is both a woman of strength and vulnerable. I usually get irritated with heroines who don’t trust, but Giselle has got some good reasons to act the way she does.  It makes for a fun, surprising book and eventually leads her character to the Lord.

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Military/War Time Romance

So I’m the daughter of two vets and I love books that involve the military or an American war (American involvement) of some kind. Those in the military (past and present) have done so much and made all kinds of sacrifices and should be honored in some way. Thus, in honor of memorial day and the upcoming July 4th, I will spend the next week reviewing my favorite military books and then follow that up with one weeks of my favorite war time romance novels. These two weeks are in no way reflective of all the great authors who write on these topics. I will have a part two at some point, but I’m going to share some of my favorites. Should be fun!

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Interview of Dani Pettrey

Ms. Pettrey,

1.      What was your inspiration for Submerged?

I watched a movie about cave divers and it got me thinking what type of person would pursue such a dangerous job for a living. Everything sort of spiraled from there. 


2.      Alaska seems to be a character in and of itself, did you have to prepare in anyway for using this environment?

I haven’t had the pleasure of visiting Alaska yet, so that meant a lot of research. Fortunately I love research. I read travel blogs, travel guides, looked at a lot of photographs, read history books and watched movies filmed on location there.


3.      Cole (and his family) has an interesting job, what led you to decide on this profession? My love of adventure. I find extreme athletes and people who pursue adventurous careers simply fascinating. I began researching all the extreme sports and adventure professions, and the McKenna family was born.


4.      Bailey has to learn to let her past go and accept God’s grace, was this an issue you wanted to tackle when you started writing Submerged or did Bailey’s story develop as you wrote?

It developed as I wrote. I don’t usually start with an issue or theme in mind. I start with a ‘what if?’ or a premise, and the characters develop as I write the first draft.

5.      When writing the mystery, how much research did you have to do?

Quite a bit since the mystery involved so much history.

6.      So the next book, Shattered, is about Piper which is exciting! Can you tell us anything about it?

Shattered will be available February 1st. Other than that and the fact that’s it is Piper’s story, I can’t share anything else just yet, but I encourage readers to sign up for my newsletter (via my website: I will share all information about upcoming projects and even some sneak peeks there first.

Thanks so much, Embassie!

Here is my review of Submerged: