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Irene Hannon’s Deadly Pursuit

Irene Hannon came on the scene shortly after Dee Henderson took a sabbatical (although she has a new coming out this year!). She’s a good author who knows her way around detectives, forensics, ballistics, etc. Deadly Pursuit is the second book in the Guardians of Justice series. In this novel, Allison, a social worker and sister of a detective and U.S. Marshal starts receiving creepy gifts and heavy-breathing phone calls. That can only spell trouble. Toss in her brother’s new ex-Navy Seal partner and you’ve got a fun book. This isn’t a book that revolves around who the bad guy is. You’re told in the beginning, but now you have to watch everyone else figure it out. I’ve read a review or two that said this book was more romance than mystery. I’m the kind of person who says want some more mystery to go with that romance? Thus, I liked it. It was probably more romance focused than any of her others (of course book 3 is coming out soon).

Spiritually, the ex-Navy Seal has to learn to reconcile God with his current circumstances and Allison has to learn to trust God as things go from bad to worst. It’s a great book and a good mystery.

2 thoughts on “Irene Hannon’s Deadly Pursuit

  1. Thank you for the lovely review. And do watch for the final installment in my Guardians of Justice series, Lethal Legacy, coming August 1. It just got a starred review from Library Journal, which is thrilling! Irene Hannon

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