Posted in Contemporary, Mystery/Suspense

Raquel Byrnes’ Purple Knot

So this is a mystery in the classic sense, and reminds me of a better version of Nancy Drew. Reyna Cruz’s best friend Summer is married to a man who is physically abusive. When Summer shows up dead, Reyna who is an investigator, decides to find out what really happened. Summer’s brother also wants to find out what happened. It just so happens that he is also Reyna’s ex-fiance. I really enjoyed this book because not only did I like the characters, the whole book I was like is it him? her? that guy? It was romantic and Reyna’s assistant adds humor to a serious situation.

Spiritually, Reyna has to learn to accept that Jesus is her Lord and while some salvation stories in books are cheesy, I thought this one was well done and made complete sense. Highly recommended!

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