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L.K. Malone’s Divided Loyalties

This book takes every cliche about military men and romance and flips it on its head. Giselle is the daughter of a Vice Admiral and lives with him in Italy. After a thwarted kidnapping where she is rescued by Raz Chayil, a Marine first lieutenant, her father signs her up for self-defense classes with Chayil. Thus begins the start of what you may assume is a classic romance. Let’s just say things get really tense and by the middle of the book Giselle doesn’t know who to trust anymore. Giselle is great character. She is both a woman of strength and vulnerable. I usually get irritated with heroines who don’t trust, but Giselle has got some good reasons to act the way she does.  It makes for a fun, surprising book and eventually leads her character to the Lord.

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