Posted in Contemporary, Mystery/Suspense

Mary Nealy’s Ten Plagues

Mary Nealy is also the famed author Mary Connealy. I have read all of her books. This one is nothing like them. Ten Plagues is about a serial killer who is killing people based off of the ten plagues in the Bible. Keren is a cop with the gift of spiritual discernment. It allows her to sense when the killer is near. Paul is a former cop, now minister, whose parishoners are the ones’ disappearing. Together they join forces to stop this killer. I really enjoyed this novel. Not only did I enjoy the mystery, I enjoyed that God was interwoven throughout the whole novel. I loved how there was such an emphasis on spiritual gifts. There is such power in the name of Jesus and we become extraordinary people when we realize this. This book was a great read, a fun romance, and a reminder that Jesus is Lord.

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