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Ronie Kendig

When I first stumbled upon this series only the first two books were out. At the time, I couldn’t put my finger on the reason why, but I wanted to read more. This series is about a group of soldiers who have had to get out of the military for some reason or the other. Yet, they love it. So the government starts this program, that they will deny if asked about, that needs the skills of these selected soldiers. It kind of reminded me of X-men, because each of these guys has their own kryptonite (Superman, I know). Being a huge fan of superheroes, these books fed that need. I would have to say Wolfsbane is my favorite, but all are enjoyable. Since you have four guys that are highlighted, they each approach God differently, but each one of them needs Him. Otherwise, they would still be in the military.

Does anyone know of any other great military fiction novels?

4 thoughts on “Ronie Kendig

  1. Em, I’m so glad you discovered Ronie! She’s awesome:) I don’t know of any other military fiction but need to find out. My pub has some WW2 fiction by Sarah Sundin you might like. Her covers are so nice.

    You have a beautiful blog!

  2. Wow, thank you s much!! For some great military fiction, check out Jeff Struecker/Alton Gansky’s series with B& H publishing. Also, Tom Morrissey is doing a series with General William Boykin. The first book is Danger Close, the second Kiloton Threat.

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