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Dee Henderson’s Uncommon Heroes

Dee Henderson has written some fabulous military books. I say fabulous because she does her research and you can learn so much about the jobs that these men have. My favorite one is True Devotion. I mean there’s an “I love you” at the end of the first chapter. So good. This is the book that led me to her other books. In this book, you have Kelly, a Navy Seal widow and Joe, her husband’s best friend. When Nick died, Joe stepped in to take care of Kelly just because. But, they have discovered that they just might have feelings for each other? Throw in a little mystery and some Navy Seals missions and you have a great book. It’s not too heavy on the details that you’re lost and for me, the pages fly by. Spiritually, Kelly and Joe have to learn to trust God as they embrace new roles in life. A keeper!

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