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Jenny B. Jones’s Save the Date

This novel is about a woman named Lucy Wiltshire who runs a non-profit for young women who don’t have a home. Her non-profit has lost significant funds and it looks like they may have to close down. Alex is an ex-football player who is running for Congress. His rates are low, until there is a chance photo with him and Lucy. It is then that he realizes if he wants to win he needs Lucy. It’s very convenient that he also has millions of dollars at his beck and call as well. That’s all I’m going to say concerning what it’s about. I love this book. I love this book! Lucy is such a wonderful heroine. She’s the kind of girl you want to hang out with. I appreciated that she wasn’t your typical skinny beauty of today. And Alex? I wanted to stick him in my back pocket. He was funny, smart, good-looking and cared for Lucy in a way that was precious. And these are just the main characters, because let me tell you, the secondary characters had me rolling.

Spiritually, Alex is just coming back to the things of God as his family struggles through a tough time. He has to learn to let go and let God. Lucy, also has to learn to trust God to provide her. This book centers on a deception (which was done incredibly well btw!) and so its hard to have two believers in a situation like they were in. Yet, Lucy discovers God’s grace throughout it all. Highly Recommended. Five Stars! Great Book!

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Anne Mateer’s Wings of a Dream

 Rebecca Hendricks has big dreams that don’t include her family’s farm or  becoming the typical housewife. When she learns that her aunt is ill, Rebecca travels to Texas to be a help…and gets more than what she bargained for when she discovers that she has to take care of four children. This novel reminded me of Anne of Green Gables. I heard that the author was inspired by Anne so that shouldn’t be surprising. Rebecca is fiesty, fun-loving, and relatable. She experiences some hard things and must learn to turn to God in a way that she never has needed to before. The novel is probably less of a romance and more of a novel of family, faith, and growing. I really enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to Ms. Mateer’s new novel coming out this fall. Highly Recommended!

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Interview of Jill Williamson

Ms. Williamson,

      What inspired you to write the Blood of Kings Trilogy?

My son and I were walking along the streets of Burbank and we saw a burned-down house. There was a tree in the yard that had partially burned. It was half charred and half leafy green. I thought it was the coolest image. I ran home and Photoshopped it. It’s the same image that’s the header on my blog. I knew I wanted to write a story about this tree. 

   So what comes first, the story or the land of Er’Rets?

I had a vague idea for a story, but I drew the map before I ever started to write. Drawing a map of my storyworld really helps me learn about the place. I can’t not draw a map these days. I love maps. *grin*

    One thing I appreciated about this series is the different layers of stories that are interwoven throughout the books. Did you plot these out ahead of time, or were you surprised as they developed?

Both, I think. Part of that came from the time I took planning my storyworld. Because I had so many cities and because I had planned out the lords and ladies in each, I had inadvertently planted the potential for future layers. So when my characters would arrive in a new location, I’d look it up in my book, discover who the people were, and be surprised by the potential storylines I could choose from.

When writing a fantasy novel, what are some roadblocks you come up against? If any?

I would have to stop when I suddenly had to write something I didn’t know about. Like Vrell needing to patch up an arrow wound. So then I had to go research until I knew enough to write the scene. Another major roadblock was not having written all three books before the first was in print. That really made it hard in book three as I developed bloodvoicing and other things. I was stuck by the story in book one. But if I had written all three in advance, I could have altered book one so that everything worked out how I know wish it had!

Which book in the series was the easiest to write? Which one was the hardest?

The first one was the easiest because there was no pressure. There was no contract. I was just having a good time. Book three was the hardest because by then I had fans that I didn’t want to disappoint and I had I had a lot of plot threads to tie up. 

 Achan is such a likable character, what (or who) influenced his development?

I have no idea. I just wrote that first scene in the barn where Achan stuck up for the kid, and Achan was born. It’s nice when your characters do that.

 Averella seems to be the perfect foil for Achan, what led to your creation of her?

Originally, Averella was going to be a soldier who shared the bloodvoicing ability, found this strange young man—who had amnesia—while on a mission, recognized the gift in him, and went on an adventure to figure out who, if anybody, he was. But that was back when the book was going to be a science fiction story. And somewhere along the way I switched to fantasy, so Averella as a soldier didn’t work as well, so she became a noblewoman in hiding.

  Do you foresee any more books that take place in Er’Rets?

Perhaps. I have a few ideas. I’d like to publish some short stories based on other characters in the series: Sir Rigil, Lady Tara, Peripaso, etc. And I have a fun idea for a prequel of when Er’Rets was discovered. I created such a vast land, there is still so much to use! But I have nothing written yet, and therefore, nothing official to announce.

     Can you tell us about any new projects you’re working on?

I am working on two new projects right now. The first is a series about a boy who joins a spy organization that fights for God. The New Recruit comes out September 2012 and is the first of four books. And Captives is a dystopian novel based on Daniel chapter one, which comes out in February 2013. It is the first in a trilogy. After writing all those books, I’m going to write more fantasy for certain!

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Here is my review of the Blood of the Kings Trilogy:

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Jordyn Redwood’s Proof

 This was a fun mystery in the sense that I had no idea how the bad guy was completing his crime. Dr. Lily Reeves is an ER doctor who is attacked by a serial rapist.  Nathan Long is a detective trying to find this guy. The guy leaves his DNA on the scene everytime, yet something about it is very weird. I really enjoyed this mystery. It kept me full of suspense the whole time. The only thing I wasn’t crazy about was the romance. It seemed kind of thrown together. Other than that, this book is a page-turner that will teach you a few things about medicine that you never knew existed! Spiritually, Lily is not a believer in the book, but she has several friends who are. They constantly pray and witness to her and when Lily has her own God experience, her friends are there to pray with her. It’s so important to be a witness to those around it. We never know the plans God has for their lives. Recommended!

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Morgan Busse’s Daughter of Light

 Daughter of Light is a fun, speculative fiction novel. As soon as you turn the first page, the novel picks you up and places you in another world. Rowan Mar was adopted by a wonderful couple. But after her parents die, she realizes that she is all alone. So does some nefarious young man. When he tries to attack her, she reacts with a power she did not know she had. This novel had romance, adventure, and suspense. The only drawback is that you have to wait so long until book two comes out. Spiritually, the country has little faith in God, but Rowan’s power is evidence of his presence. That’s all I want to say, don’t want to give it away. Highly Recommended!

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Jocelyn Green’s Wedded to War

 Here we are back to the Civil War again! I really enjoyed this book. It’s probably a historical book with elements of romance though so keep that in mind. I learned a lot about the nurses of the Civil War and the hard work they had to put in just to help. The novel starts off slow, but once it picks up I didn’t want to put it down. There is a scene in the book that’s pretty INTENSE, so beware. But overall, I found this book to be really fascinating. Spiritually, Charlotte has to learn to follow God’s leading to do something that just wasn’t popular or really valued. Ruby comes to realize that God does love her in spite of everything. Good book. Recommended!

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Catherine Richmond’s Through Rushing Water

 Sophia Makinoff is hoping for a marriage proposal, and when she doesn’t get it she joins the mission field. Sophia is then sent to the Dakota Territory to work with the Ponca Indians. Sophia is a wonderful character who manages to shine through in tough circumstances. I really enjoyed the romance in this book because it was built on the foundation of friendship and mutual respect. I think the only thing I didn’t like was that the back of the book was a bit misleading so I kept expecting something that never happened. Other than that, I really enjoyed this novel and learned a lot about the history of the Ponca Indians. Their history is a sad one, but Ms. Richmond adds just enough humor to the story so that it’s not overwhelming. Spiritually, Sophia doesn’t start off with much of a relationship with God, but as she lives with the Ponca Indians, she comes to know God in a way she never expected. Highly recommended.