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Jordyn Redwood’s Proof

 This was a fun mystery in the sense that I had no idea how the bad guy was completing his crime. Dr. Lily Reeves is an ER doctor who is attacked by a serial rapist.  Nathan Long is a detective trying to find this guy. The guy leaves his DNA on the scene everytime, yet something about it is very weird. I really enjoyed this mystery. It kept me full of suspense the whole time. The only thing I wasn’t crazy about was the romance. It seemed kind of thrown together. Other than that, this book is a page-turner that will teach you a few things about medicine that you never knew existed! Spiritually, Lily is not a believer in the book, but she has several friends who are. They constantly pray and witness to her and when Lily has her own God experience, her friends are there to pray with her. It’s so important to be a witness to those around it. We never know the plans God has for their lives. Recommended!

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