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Vietnam War- Catherine West’s Yesterday’s Tomorrow

When I finished reading this book, I remember thinking my collection is complete. This is the only Vietnam War novel I have ever read and it is so good. The Vietnam War to me is kind of sad (Platoon anyone?), but it happened and it lasted forever so it should definitely be mentioned. Kristin Taylor is a journalist who goes to Vietnam to write a winning piece and find the brother she hasn’t heard from in some time. Luke Maddox is a moody photographer with secrets of his own. The book was written so well, when I put it down I felt like I could tell you a thing or two about Vietnam. Towards the end it gets to be a little predictable, but I still so enjoyed this novel.

Spiritually, Luke has some serious trust issues with God due to his past and Kristin has no need for God…at first. This makes for a bit of an unusual Christian romance (you have to read it!), but they get themselves together and get right with God in the end and that’s all that matters. Highly recommended!

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