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Catherine Richmond’s Through Rushing Water

 Sophia Makinoff is hoping for a marriage proposal, and when she doesn’t get it she joins the mission field. Sophia is then sent to the Dakota Territory to work with the Ponca Indians. Sophia is a wonderful character who manages to shine through in tough circumstances. I really enjoyed the romance in this book because it was built on the foundation of friendship and mutual respect. I think the only thing I didn’t like was that the back of the book was a bit misleading so I kept expecting something that never happened. Other than that, I really enjoyed this novel and learned a lot about the history of the Ponca Indians. Their history is a sad one, but Ms. Richmond adds just enough humor to the story so that it’s not overwhelming. Spiritually, Sophia doesn’t start off with much of a relationship with God, but as she lives with the Ponca Indians, she comes to know God in a way she never expected. Highly recommended.

2 thoughts on “Catherine Richmond’s Through Rushing Water

  1. RemainInHisLove, Thank you for your wonderful review of Through Rushing Water! I didn’t write the blurb on the back of the book, so I’m curious – what did you find misleading?

  2. Ms. Richmond, thanks for stopping by! Having just re-read the back of the book, I guess it doesn’t promise anything that it doesn’t deliver. That said, I thought that Sophia and Will were going to travel with the Poncas when the policy decree was issued. For some reason, I kept waiting for the policy decree all throughout the book, and then when it happened, Will and Sophia (although they did fight for their friends!)went home. So maybe it was just me interpreting badly.

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