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World War II-Sarah Sundin’s Wings of Glory

If I had to pick my second favorite war, it would be World War II. You can’t turn to the military channel without experiencing it a little bit. I’m a huge fan of Band of Brothers (I saw the Pacific. It was bloody. That is all) and  other such like films. Sarah Sundin is a fantastic author. Her characters have such depth and richness to them. Each one is unique and interesting in their own right. She effortlessly weaves history into the lives of her characters, and so often I feel like I’m right there with the characters. In fact, there is a scene (or two) with pilots doing interesting things (don’t want to give it away!) with their planes and when I finished reading it, I went to my dad (who was a naval pilot) and asked him if it could really happen. He assured me it could and sat me down for the next half hour to explain WWII planes (sacrifices one must make). My favorite book is probably the first one A Distant Melody. I just think I really liked Allie and Walt’s story. But you can’t read book one without book two, and then you’ll want book three. Spiritually, Ms. Sundin traditionally gives each character something that they need to work on, or that God is teaching them throughout the novel and I appreciate that it’s not always something fluffy. I can’t wait for her new series coming out this year!

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