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Happy 4th of July! World War I-Maureen Lang’s Pieces of Silver Series

Happy 4th of July! Thank God for America, and may we bless Him this year!

World War I is probably the one war that leaves people scratching their head and asking why. I love history. I still don’t know. The best World War I series I have ever read is by Maureen Lang. I have actually met Ms. Lang in person at the ACFW 2010 writers’ conference and we talked about these books. She’s as nice and gracious in person as you would think from reading her novels. Now, back to the series.You can’t read book one without book two. Book one is about Lisel Bonner, an American with German immigrant parents. Since America is at war with Germany, life is extra hard for her family. And things only get harder when the government asks her to spy on her boyfriend. I can’t say too much or else I’ll give it away, but I will say this: Lisel has to learn to seek God as she makes some hard decisions. It’s fun, it’s a treat and a great way to spend the 4th if you have no plans!

Does anyone know of any great World War I novels?

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