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Civil War-Lynn Austin’s Refiner’s Fire Series

If I had to choose my favorite war in American history, it would the Civil War. No other war had the intracies that this one had. Whenever the military channel has a new Civil War documentary, I’m right there, front and center, learning all I can. Whenever we go down south, dad and I make a plan to stop at as many civil war battle sites and plantation homes as possible (where we are assured that they treated their slaves very nicely; we fail to understand why this must be said, but I digress). So with that introduction I bring you Lynn Austin’s Refiner’s Fire series. The first one is probably my favorite, but I have re-read all of them multiple times. In Candle in the Darkness, you have Caroline, a southern girl who is sent up north for her education. When she comes back home, she is a fiery abolitionist, but that doesn’t stop the chemistry between her and a wealthy plantation owner. Then war breaks out and Caroline has to decide whether to go against popular opinion and do what the Word of God would require her to do. Well, I liked Caroline so you can guess what she does. That said, her decisions have ramifications and I appreciate the reality that Ms. Austin brings to the situation. Great book that captured all the assets that made the Civil War.

Does anyone know of any other great Civil War novels?

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