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Monday Musings…Older vs. Younger

Recently, I was reading a novel and all I could think about was how much I preferred younger heroines to older ones. Now, everyone has in their mind and idea of what age is too old. I like to think the number I have in my head is reasonable. But, I do understand that this is a relative idea. 

But, why do I prefer younger heroines?

1. They are easier to picture in my mind. I realize this is kind of weird, but when I picture older heroines, I usually add a few pounds, wrinkles, and gray hairs even if the author tells me otherwise. I can’t help it, I start picturing grandma. People rarely look like Halle Berry once they’re past the age of 45. I don’t care what the author says.

2. I’m not counting eggs. Yes, I said it. If they are old, I’m immediately thinking, you do not have time to waste if you plan on having children. 

3. I’m young. There is a certain bias there. 

Any thoughts?


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