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Robert Whitlow’s The Living Room


Clarke’s dreams are coming true—and that’s the problem.

Legal secretary by day, romance novelist by night, Amy Clarke lives with a precious secret. For years, she has traveled to a holy place in her dreams—a sublime place she calls the Living Room. When she awakes, her faith and energy are supernaturally restored. And when she dreams, she receives vibrant inspiration for her novels. 

As she begins to write her third book, the nature of her dreams shifts. Gone are the literary signposts. Instead, her dreams are studded with scenes that foreshadow real life. Before long, the scenes begin to spill over into her waking hours too.

As Amy becomes entangled in a high stakes case at work, her visions take on a dark hue—implicating someone dear to her, causing her to question everything. And convincing her to trust someone with his own shadowy secrets.

Things are not always what they seem. But as fiction, dreams, and real life begin to overlap, Amy must stop dreaming and act to prevent tragedy.


I always look forward to reading a novel by Robert Whitlow because his novels always read as though he’s been with Jesus. And this novel is no different.  Mr. Whitlow has explored the importance of dreams before, but this one gives it a slightly different view. I thought that using dreams to solve minor mysteries or to keep havoc at bay was wonderful. The novel started off a bit slow, but once I saw where it was going, I didn’t want to put it down. I thought Amy read as a real person as she had doubts, fears, and yet an unequivocal trust in God. I found the mystery in this novel to be both predictable and unpredictable. Clearly something was wrong with a certain someone, I just didn’t see how it all came together. I will say that I had hoped the ending would be a bit different in regards to Amy and the law firm. That said, this novel captured the challenges that a person faces when walking in the supernatural. This novel isn’t romantic because Amy is already married, and has a happy marriage. But it does a nice job of showing how marriage should work. Great read!

Romantic Scale: 4

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