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Raquel Byrnes’ Whispers On Shadow Bay

Whispers on Shadow Bay


Ejected from her privileged life, Rosetta comes to Noble Island with a broken heart and shaken faith. She is enticed by hope in the arms of the dark and brooding Simon Hale, but people keep dying at Shadow Bay Hall, and Rosetta hears something in the walls.
Simon Hale finds the reclusive Rosetta both beautiful and intriguing, but when she seeks out the truth behind Shadow Bay Hall’s unexplained happenings, he is torn between hope for the future and his need to protect a dangerous secret.
With dark forces determined to keep truth at bay, Rosetta and Simon fight to uncover lies that imprison the island with fear. His wife’ death, tangled memories, a Romany feud; Rosetta must decide if she is strong enough to discover what’s behind The Whispers on Shadow Bay.


I am a huge fan of gothic fiction, so this novel already had me from hello. There was the dark atmosphere, the creepy house, the mystery surrounding the wife, the child who was a little off, things that went bump in the night, characters who were just plain odd. I always like the way gothic novels reveal everything slowly and leads up to the big reveal. And yet, I really enjoyed how Ms. Byrnes was able to keep the gothic elements and still have Rosetta’s faith be at the center of the novel. I loved the emphasis on telling the truth, even when it hurts. It took me a minute to guess the bad guy because there were a lot of strange people on that island. I found it interesting to learn about gypsy culture and I thought that element made this story kind of unique.  If there were any drawbacks, I would say that the hero and Rosetta fell in love a bit too quickly for me. I think I would have liked to see them interact more outside of the mystery. Otherwise, I recommend this novel!

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