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Monday Musings….Interviews

These next couple of weeks will be weeks of interviews on my blog. I was so excited to have the fantastic Patrick Carr on my blog this past Friday, and I have the lovely Melanie Dickerson this Friday, followed by the amazing Julie Lessman, and the wonderful Dani Pettrey. I love doing author interviews, but there are a lot of them out there. Thus, I try to approach my interviews differently than other bloggers. Some bloggers ask authors about their personal lives, or ask authors to share funny sides of themselves. And while I may ask a question or two like this, I try to ask questions from the point of view of a writer. Like why they made a choice to have this or that or how do they approach a new book. But a friend of mine recently suggested to me to ask those who read my blog if they might like to add a question from one of the authors that I interview. So, I put it to you. If I announced early enough who I had an interview with, would anyone be interested in supplying a question to that author?

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