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Susan Paige Davis’s Frasier Island


After specialized underwater training, Ensign Rachel Whitney is posted to a remote island in the North Pacific, a tiny scrap of rock guarding a highly classified secret. She could love her new assignment if her commanding officer, Lt. George Hudson, weren’t so obstinate—and a bit distrustful.

Despite George’s first reaction to her presence on the island, Rachel sets out to prove she is perfect for the job. She doesn’t dream of being a heroine or falling in love, but months later, when word leaks out about the prize they are guarding, Rachel and George have few resources besides each other and their faith in God to foil an enemy attack that could endanger all of America.


This novel was so good.  Frasier Island is a tiny island in the Pacific that requires three people to live on it. Rachel and George are two of them. I loved Rachel’s character because even though she had had some setbacks in life, she wasn’t about to let that keep her from living. George is more distrustful and to a certain degree rude, but I like how in this novel you can see Rachel slowly winning him over. I also loved one of the secondary characters in this novel.  I think the setting really added to this novel, because it was a setting unlike any other. Spiritually, George has to return to his relationship with God and Rachel learns to walk with God and develop her faith more. Good book. Romantic and suspenseful. Highly Recommended.

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