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Deanna Julie Dodson’s In Honor Bound


His father will stop at nothing to keep the royal bloodline “pure” –even murder. But his sins have nearly destroyed Prince Philip and the future of his reign.
Forced into a political marriage, Philip tells his bride, “I will not lie to you, I will not be unfaithful to you, and I will not love you. My heart is pledged to another and I am not a man to break an oath.”
His one true love is a lowly serving girl. When Philip refuses to set her aside in order to form a politically beneficial marriage, his father has the girl tried on false charges and executed. He then forces Philip to marry the beautiful and nobly born Lady Rosalynde. Devastated and embittered by his loss and his father’s betrayal, Philip is determined to never love again . . . not his father, not his wife, not his God. Although Rosalynde adores him, he withholds his heart from her, refusing to let even death end his devotion to the love he lost. Despite his coldness towards her, Rosalynde is determined to love him and teach him to love her — as determined as the God he has turned his back on. As civil war rages throughout the realm, Philip faces a greater struggle within himself. Will he open his heart to love again or let his pride destroy him and his kingdom?


This book (and series) is what I would call medieval fiction at its best. Everything you think that should be in them: witch burning, arranged marriages, wars, all in this novel. Reading this novel, I really felt that the author stayed true to the times. Never once reading it, did the characters do anything that brought me right back to the 21st century. I loved Philip, even though he was hard at times. But he had such a good reason to be. Rosalynde was a bit more meek than most heroines, but in her meekness she was strong. She was a perfect foil for Philip. I even loved the secondary character of Tom. Spiritually, I love how you see what bitterness and unforgiveness can do to a person and how much freer you are when you release it. I also love how Rosalynde loved Philip continually, even in his harshness, always showing him the love of Christ which I imagine is easier to do on paper than in real life. Great novel. Highly Recommended!

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