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Siri Mitchell’s The Cubicle Next Door

Before Siri Mitchell wrote historical romance novels, she wrote Chick-Lit. Being a francophile, I really enjoyed Kissing Adrian, but The Cubicle Next Door was so cute, I decided to feature that one. The Cubicle Next Door stars Jackie Harrison, a computer geek at the Air Force Academy and a blogger. Joe is a pilot who is having trouble flying planes, and so in the interim he becomes a teacher at the Air Force Academy. It just so happens his cubicle is next door to Jackie’s. I think, one of the reasons I so enjoyed this book is because I could relate to Jackie: we’re both pretty much stuck in our ways and not thrilled to try new things and I appreciated Joe’s pushing her. Spiritually, Jackie has to learn that God is greater than any past of our family. This book also addresses the issue of finding a church. I didn’t realize how difficult it could be depending on where you live. Joe and Jackie ending up having to compromise on some things (not important Biblical things), but, at least Joe and Jackie go and find a community. So important.It’s rare that you’ll find a church that makes you love every aspect of it anyway. Highly Recommended!

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