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Tamara Leigh’s Stealing Adda

 Sorry for the delay with this post. Our internet was out pretty much all day. Anywho, I love Tamara Leigh’s books. She no longer writes Chick Lit. She has switched to medieval romance. That said, I love every novel of hers that I’ve read. I decided to review Stealing Adda, because it’s the first one I read by her. Stealing Adda is about Adda, who is a romance novelist who comes to know the Lord. There is of course an attractive man in the picture, and a crazy arch enemy who is trying to steal everything that Adda has. There is lots of humor, and I learned a lot about the writing business. The one thing I enjoyed about this book and others that she has written, is that the ending is never what I expected and I so appreciate it. Highly Recommended!

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