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Erynn Mangum’s Maya Davis Series

I really enjoy Erynn Mangum’s novels because the romance in her novels have a sense of reality. The guys are not exceptionally hot, saved, or mysterious. The women are not particularly brave, self-sacrificing, or stunning. I read her books and think I know this person. And yet, there’s something romantic about the normal relationship. The only drawback to her novels is the intense love of coffee and chocolate. I don’t understand it.  In the Maya Davis Series, you have Maya who works at a coffee shop with her best friend Jack. In the first book, she realizes that her roommate is dating her ex-boyfriend. And even though they meet on occasions, the ex-boyfriend doesn’t even remember her. It’s funny and lighthearted. Spiritually, Maya is very involved in her singles group and having devotion and Ms. Mangum is serious about getting others saved. I love how Maya just lives out her Christianity as though she is breathing. Great Series!

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