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Camy Tang’s The Sushi Series

This week I decided to focus on some of my favorite chick lit books. Chick lit is a strange arena. I mostly don’t like it, but a good author can make any genre good. I stumbled upon Camy Tang on a blog and I was glad I did. The first book in the series is called Sushi for One. This book has all the elements of a chick lit: first person, point of view from woman, contemporary, romance, but this one adds in the additon of Asian culture. Lex Sakai is passionate about her job and her volleyball and finding a godly man. And then everything starts going downhill. Just when you think God has forgotten you, you begin to learn that he is right there in the midst of the storm…and possibly the reason for the changes in your life. I really enjoy Aiden’s character and I thought Ms. Tang did a lovely job of introducing Christianity to the character without sounding cheesy.

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