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Steven James

Steven James is a phenomanal mystery suspense writer. If I had to liken him to someone I would say he’s like the earlier James Patterson books. The first book is The Pawn. The Pawn introduces you to Patrick Bowers who is an FBI detective who uses geographic locations to solve his murders. I appreciate that Ms. James decided to make his detective distinct and unique. Patrick is also raising his step-daughter alone which adds a familial layer (and humor) to an oftentimes serious book. That said, things can get a little bloody. I do have a tendency to fast-forward through the murders and killings. This is not your typical romantic suspense as romance is not the focus. But if you read all four of the Patrick Bowers books, you will be rewarded.

Spiritually, his mystery novels, though, are a little different in the sense that there is no overt Christian message. Once again it’s kind of woven through until the last novel (which may not be the last because I just ordered something from Amazon with Patrick Bowers!!). But the novels are clean (no cursing, nothing illicit). He also has a new series coming out with Bethany House this year so stay tuned!

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