Posted in Fantasy/Sci-Fi

Karen Hancock’s Arena

I have already featured Karen Hancock, but I didn’t discuss her novel Arena. Arena kind of reminds me of Tron even though it’s not the same. The novel starts of with Callie Hayes who volunteers for a psychology experiment…and ends up in the Arena. The Arena is an alien world that Callie has to learn how to navigate using “a field manual” (The Bible). Along the way she meets some other humans who have been there longer than her. Some are good, some are bad, and some change her life in ways unexpected (enter hero). Does she ever get out of the Arena? I’ll never tell. This book was really good and the reason I read her other books.

One of the things I appreciated about the book was the heavy emphasis the novel placed on following the “field manual”. Callie couldn’t survive without it and I think that is so reflective of our Christian life. I don’t know how anyone expects to live this life for God and not read the Bible. If you don’t know what it says you won’t survive the Arena.

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