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Linda Wichman’s Legend of the Emerald Rose

Fantasy week would not be sufficient without at least one tale of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere, and so I present to you my favorite: Legend of the Emerald Rose. While King Arthur and Queen Guinevere only play a passing role, there are other equally famous characters in this book (knights of the round table anyone?). Calling this book a fantasy might be reaching. It’s more a historical novel with fantastical elements, but still it had to be featured. The novel introduces Shadoe un Hollo Tors, the son of Merlin, who once served the famous king and queen until their deaths, but has since become embittered. Merlin, who is dying, extracts a promise from Shadoe, that he would protect the heir of King Arthur. Shadoe reluctantly sets off to find this heir and so starts a tale of romance that is both sweet and humorous, a land of mysteries and dreams (literally!), and men of nobility and character (could they be any other?).

In this novel, Wichman conveys the strong importance of having a relationship with Christ not only for salvation but to fight against the wiles of the enemy. One of my favorites!

3 thoughts on “Linda Wichman’s Legend of the Emerald Rose

  1. Dear Embassy! I was roaming the internet when I stumbled upon your wonderful review of LER. I honestly believe it was God’s intervention that got me here! Thank you for the mile high kick I got from your kind remarks about a story and characters that are family to me. God willing, there will be more Camelot tales for you to review down the road. God hugs, Linda

    1. Linda! So glad my review blessed you, I’ve re-read your novel so many times. It is easily a favorite of mine. And I so hope that there will be more Camelot tales for me to review. I’ll be the one who is first in line to get my hands on them! ~Em

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