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Michelle Griep’s Undercurrent

 So this is a book of time travel where once again I hesitate to completely call it fantasy, but for this week I will. This novel starts off with Cassie Larson who is a professor leading a tour for her undergrad students in England. She falls into the water….and ends up in the late tenth century in Norway. Fortunately for Cassie, she studied this language and is not completely at a loss when she is rescued by a Norse man. I really enjoyed this book because it wasn’t what I expected. Of course there was romance and mystery, but it wasn’t done in the same cut and dry fashion of a lot of novels. Griep doesn’t just focus on Cassie but develops some strong secondary characters. Also, the hero is really something. He’s not a man you come across in every novel. The only thing I didn’t like about the book was that Cassie was constantly using American slang, even when she was speaking Norse and it seems like she would know that that wasn’t going to work. Other than that I thought this book really took me to Norway with Cassie.

Spiritually, this book was deep. You’ve got the hero who has turned his back on paganism for Christianity and is ridiculed for it by his family, and yet his love never fails. It’s a beautiful portrayal of Christ. And the story he tells that led to his salvation is so moving. It challenges me to realize that sometimes I’m the only Christ people will see and so I better be a good representative! Ms. Griep has another time-travel called Gallimore (which is good), and I look forward to anything else she writes.

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