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Nicole Deese’s A New Shade of Summer

A New Shade of Summer (Love in Lenox) by [Deese, Nicole]

As an artist, Callie Quinn relies on inspiration to guide her wandering soul. This summer she accepts a short-term muralist job in her sister’s charming town to spend some much-needed time with her family. After meeting her nephew’s friend, Brandon, she’s eager to draw out his untapped artistic talents—however, it’s the boy’s straitlaced single father who could use a little color in his life.

Davis Carter may be the town’s favorite animal whisperer, but his experience is limited when it comes to understanding his preteen’s rebellious behavior. Desperate for a breakthrough, he follows the lead of a free spirit who claims to know the way into his son’s closed-off world. Soon, Davis isn’t the only one caught up in the hope of a new beginning.

Just as Callie considers trading her unattached existence for a life rich with promise and permanence, an unexpected visit from the past threatens to send her packing once again. Davis and Callie must learn to surrender their fears so they can find a love that will outlast the summer.


5 Reasons You Should Read This Book

1. Contemporary romance done well. Quite frankly, Christian fiction authors don’t do contemporary romance well because they have a tendency to invent reasons (and they’re usually not believable) as to why a couple can’t be together. Deese is one of the rare few contemporary christian authors who can come up with a solid plot and a good romance.

2. Personality conflicts. Sometimes I think that the best romances are when the H/h are different and are still drawn to each other. I loved that Davis is a rule-follower and Callie is a free spirit. It always made me excited to see how they would each react to the other’s ideas and plans.

3. Kid. Normally I don’t like books with children. However, if utilized well can add a fun and interesting dynamic to the story. Brandon is a fascinating kid. I found myself as invested in him as I did in the main characters.

4. Romance. Because romance. I saw where the book was going almost from the first page. I was a little concerned with how Deese would play the situation out, but she managed to bring it together in such a way that even though it did follow the formula it felt new.

5. Well written & good theme (yes, I’m slipping a sixth point in). I meant to read one chapter. I read the whole book in hours. The theme was along the lines of you are not your past. Don’t let the history decide your future.

In other words, if you haven’t read this book, do!

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