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Jill Williamson’s Broken Trust


Broken Trust (The Mission League Book 3) by [Williamson, Jill]

In the midst of training for the outdoor survival trip to Alaska, Spencer is distracted by a mysterious young woman—Nick’s new girlfriend. He’s not just wondering how someone that gorgeous would waste her time on a jerk like Nick, he recognizes this girl from her bit part in one of the cultish Jolt movies he’s been investigating. She’s up to something, and Spencer is determined to find out what. As he gets closer to the truth, it becomes harder to know who to trust. Things are getting dangerous. Can Spencer figure out what’s going on, or will this mystery leave him M.I.A?


Oh how I have missed Spencer Garmond! Williamson writes the absolute best teenage male povs. My thoughts:

What I liked:

Spencer. I love reading from his point of view. In this volume of Spencer’s life, he’s dealing with his torn ACL, he’s just got saved, and Grace is back. While I will readily admit that Grace is not my favorite person, the way Spencer is when he’s with Grace is so typical teen male that all of his reactions to her fit.

The friends. Spencer’s friends are such a dynamic group of people. Spencer has a strong personality and engages with a lot of people. However, none of these secondary characters come across as cookie-cutter. I felt like I knew each person and how they would react to different situations.

The humor. The book manages to deal with serious topics and still have loads of humor.

The mission. One of Spencer’s missions is to survive in the Alaskan woods. The classes he takes and his preparation is so realistic, I felt like I learned a thing or two about surviving.

What I didn’t like:

I wanted more! I have so many questions and most of them were not answered in this book.

Romantic scale: 5 (this is not really a romance)

Overall, so enjoyed this book! I wasn’t ready for it to be over and I kind of want a grown-up Spencer Garmond book one day!

*I received a copy from the author. My opinion was not affected in anyway.**

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