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Mini-Reviews of the Gifting Series


I have owned this book for years. I put off reading it because, though the author is a very good writer, I have found her adult books to end on rather depressing notes. Anyway, I decided to give this book a chance and I loved it! The idea of it was new and fresh, the introduction of the “hot guy” (this is YA folks, there appears to be formulas) was perfect. I didn’t want to put the book down. Highly recommended.


So, naturally, I picked up book two (on audio). If I gave out stars, I would give this one 4 out of 5. I was still completely intrigued by the premise. Sometimes in YA books, in book two, they will separate the main characters. They didn’t in this one. The only drawbacks for me was a) the introduction of another guy who might like Tess and b) Tess became incredibly impulsive. But, still, overall a very good second book.


I couldn’t get my hands on book 3 soon enough (audio again). And I was extremely disappointed. I would give this book 2 stars. I assumed Tess’s impulsiveness would be cured by the end of book 2. But no, this girl just kept making snap decisions based off of her emotions and failed to use logic most of the time (giving girls everywhere a bad name). If I had ever found myself on a mission with Tess, I would protest. She might get me killed and not care, so long as her goals were accomplished. I had no clue why everyone kept acting like she was so great. She was the one putting people in danger left and right. For someone who was so important, I really wanted to see her become a leader and shine. She never did. She did however whine a lot. I really liked the narrator in the second book. In this book, her voice got on my nerves…most likely because of Tess’s continual whining and moodiness. On top of that, the second boy who wasn’t much of an issue in book 2? Suddenly he’s in love with Tess and in spite of the fact that Tess is in love with Luka (who is amazing btw), she flirts with this poor guy and hates the idea of him being with someone else. Oh goodness, I was so annoyed. I failed to see what was so wonderful about Tess. Both boys should have dumped her.


The book is vague in terms of faith, but there is a clear presentation of good vs. evil and fighting it, not alone but together. It’s also very clear that there is more than the natural realm, there is also the supernatural realm. Should you read this series? If you like YA books, then yes. The last book was so disappointing, but the first two were really good and worth reading.

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