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Monday Musings…Audible Books

My job requires me to do a lot of driving, so these past few months, I broke down and downloaded audible. I say broke down, because I’ve tried audio books before and didn’t really like it. However, when I had to drive five hours for deposition…

So, what is my understanding of audible for people who enjoy reading? It’s a sound investment. It definitely takes time to get used to. Sometimes, I’m like read faster. Other times, I’m like, this person’s voice is driving me nuts, but eventually you develop a rhythm.

That said, here are three tips for starting audible, in case you haven’t switched over:

  1. Get an interesting book. I started with a mystery. It’s hard to drive long hours, but a boring book will put you to sleep. I went with a well-known author who writes mysteries because I figured, if nothing else, she would tell me a good story.
  2. Pay attention to who the reader is. You would think that this doesn’t matter. But, hey, you’re listening to a book for hours on end. The voice of the reader matters.
  3. Understand that things will happen slowly. I can read a book in a couple of hours. But when you’re listening, you’re forced to listen for 10-12 hours. And that’s ok. Don’t let it make you anxious. I have even found, that just as you can skim a book and keep going without missing anything, you can drift a little during an audio and still be fine. It can be relaxing (this took me a long time to understand, I didn’t realize that I was racing against no one when reading until I started audio books).


So, what tips have you found helpful when listening to audio?

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