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Monday Musings…And the Effect of Time

One of my auto-buy authors is releasing a new book soon. Almost, I automatically requested it, but then I looked at what the book was about. There was a love triangle…between two brothers. And so I’m not reading the book.

Once upon a time, I liked loved triangles. I liked not knowing who the heroine would end up with. And then I read one love triangle too many, and now I can’t stand them. First of all, it has got to be rare that one woman is the center of attention of two men, so much so that they are both in love with her and she doesn’t know who she’s in love with. Secondly, if the hero treated the heroine like she often treats a man in a love triangle, he would be a jerk. Thirdly, I almost think its ungodly to keep a man on a chain like that. And let’s not even talk about the fact that its brothers.

And so what I once liked, I no longer can stomach. Over time, my tastes have changed. How about you? Is there any trope you can no longer read no matter who the author is (disclaimer: I mean, if the author is just absolutely amazing, I may take the plunge, but they have to be the kind of author I would have spent $20 on their book for and those are rare)?

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