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Steven James’ Every Crooked Path

Who is the Piper? . . .
Special Agent Patrick Bowers returns in an electrifying prequel to the Bowers Chess series from critically acclaimed, national bestselling novelist Steven James.
A mysterious suicide and a series of abductions draw Patrick into a web of intrigue involving an international conspiracy where no one is who they appear to be and the stakes have never been higher.

Soon, Patrick discovers that the secret to stopping the Piper’s current crime spree lies in unlocking answers from an eight-year-old cold case—and the only way to do that is by entering the terrifying world of the conspirators himself.

Dark, probing, and chilling, Every Crooked Path takes an unflinching look at the world of today’s cybercrimes and delves into a parent’s worst nightmare as it launches a new chapter of Patrick Bowers thrillers.


I am a huge fan of Patrick Bowers and so even though we’re going in time with this new series, I, of course, buy every single one. My thoughts:

What I liked:

The villain. James always creates sufficiently creepy and horrible villains that cause you to think. There’s one here to.

Patrick. Patrick is brilliant, but I love watching his mind work. He can just walk into a store and I’m like, he’s bout to figure out how they did it. He’s a very good narrator. He’s both naive in some ways and incredibly sharp in others.

Christie. In the original series, well…Christie isn’t around physically, but she’s definitely around emotionally. To actually meet her was nice.

The mystery. It was fascinating from the get go.

Spiritually, topics of demonic influence and good and evil are brought up.

What I didn’t like:

There were a couple inconsistencies. Patrick is in the past, but technology-wise he’s current. That bothered me for some reason.

Christie is extremely religious but dating a guy who isn’t. That makes me question the seriousness of her faith.

There were a few preachy moments (not about Jesus, but about other stuff).

The bad guy, or one of the bad guys I should say, came out of nowhere. I think some of the fun in mysteries is to be like I knew it was you!

Romantic Scale: 5

Overall, I really enjoyed it. I probably nitpicked it more than usual because I’ve read tons of Steven James novels, but it’s really good.

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