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Busy Time of Year…

This has just been a busy time of year for me. I have a book coming out soon (more on that later) and I spear head my church’s Christmas Play, so there’s a lot going on.

I did however read this:

A cold night in Texas, a dream of marriage, a happily ever after….

Single mom Amber Richardson spends every holiday season working to give her young son the best Christmas possible and striving to ignore the empty chairs around her table, chairs she wishes her mother and father and extended family occupied.

She’d hoped that this holiday would be fuller and happier than the rest. Her handsome firefighter boyfriend, Will McGrath, has brought immeasurable joy and love into her life. Up until recently, they’d even been talking about a future that included wedding bells. Lately, though, the wedding talk has been nonexistent and Amber can’t help but worry that Will’s starting to have second thoughts….

Until a fire station surprise brings very good tidings.

My thoughts

It was very cute and of course too short. I read it anyway, though, because Becky Wade, and I really liked Amber and Will’s story.

But it did get me thinking, I would not like a public proposal and I almost cringe everytime I read it in a book or see it in a movie. Amazing the effect personal preferences can have.

What personal preferences do you have that carry on into your entertainment?

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