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Sigmund Brouwer’s Nowhere to Hide

William King and Blake Watt have just settled into their senior year of high school when they receive a call for help–the authorities need to use their computer skills to track down a father who has failed to make child-support payments. The invitation to become cyber bounty hunters is so tempting, they don’t stop to ask why they were chosen for this assignment.

As they learn more about the man they are searching for, they discover the true nature of their mission–to help the founder of a Seattle-based software company prove that he is innocent of a much different charge. But the scariest things they learn are why they were chosen and why they were supposed to remain in the background.

You’ll love following the surprising twists and turns in this fast-paced young-adult thriller from a gifted storyteller who has nearly three million books in print


As I’ve stated previously on my blog, I love Sigmund Brouwer, particularly for his children’s books. Here’s my thoughts on hi YA novel:

What I liked:

After reading the first chapter of this book, I did realize that this was a sequel, but with the exception of a just a few comments, I did not feel that I needed the first book to understand who people were and how they functioned in this series.

King. The main character’s name is William King (called King) and like most of Brouwer’s characters, he is incredibly smart and resourceful and extremely likeable. King is suffering from PTSD (from the first novel), but still has to pull it together to help out the rest of his crew.

The crew. I really enjoyed the characters of MJ and Blake. They added a lot of humor and fun to a book that really dealt with serious CIA issues. MJ, was of course, both annoying and fun. I found that their personalities were really fleshed out well.

Spiritually, the novel is light on things, but it brings up the topic of when is it okay to lie. At what point does God think lying is okay (i.e. Nazis) and at what point shouldn’t you partake in it. Deep stuff.

What I didn’t like:

I found it a bit cliche that these kids are so brilliant that the CIA needs them, but then again the CIA wouldn’t need them if they weren’t so brilliant.

The ending. How the mystery wrapped up was so random to me that it was almost jarring. I was like wait, what?

Romantic scale: 0

Overall, a fun mystery with charismatic characters.

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