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Monday Musings…Topics That Make Me Want a Book

Last week I wrote about topics that make me want to avoid a book here. This week I decided to write about topics that usually get me excited.

1. Arranged marriages or marriages of conveniences. I like these, because if done right, you see a couple forced to interact with each other and slowly falling in love…..if done right!

2. Second chance love. I’m not sure why! I just like it when people have a history, usually not a good one, but still manage to come together.

3. Ordinary girls who attract un-ordinary men. So not realistic, but I really like topics like this.

4. Rome. I just really love books that take place in the Roman era. I mean, those people were crazy, but soooo fascinating.

5. Fantasy. A good fantasy novel is like Calgon, it takes me away.

6. Male POVs. It is not usual to read books from a man’s pov (unless its some kind of thriller, political intrigue, etc.). I like them all the more, the more realistic they feel (if that makes any sense).

7. Foreign countries. It’s like taking a vacation, that is, if the author makes the country another character instead of just a place where the characters happen to be standing. And I really like learning about other countries.

8. Time-Travel. Yeah….I like these. I like trying to figure out how it all works.

9. Wars. Civil War, WWI, WW2, Vietnam, American Revolution. I so admire people who lived through these times, and they usually have romances I can believe in.

10. Minorities as leads. Native Americans, Black people, Asians, Latinos, diversity is awesome, and I’m always super excited to read about it.

So really, I could keep going, but these topics jump out to me right away. What topics make you want to pick up a book rather pass it over?

2 thoughts on “Monday Musings…Topics That Make Me Want a Book

  1. I’m not sure! I’m trying to think if I have a consistent idea of what books I pick up, but nothing is really coming to mind!

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