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Steven James’ Checkmate


In Checkmate, critically acclaimed novelist Steven James offers a climactic chapter in his bestselling series, the Bowers Files.

When a clandestine FBI facility is attacked, Special Agent Patrick Bowers is drawn into the vicious, ruthless story that a killer from his past is bent on telling the world.

Clues lead to long-forgotten secrets buried deep beneath Uptown Charlotte, North Carolina. Now Bowers is caught up in trying to stop one of the deadliest attacks ever planned on American soil.

Smart, tense, and full of mind-bending twists and turns, Checkmate explodes onto the scene, bringing this cycle of the Bowers Files to an unforgettable conclusion


I’m a huge Patrick Bowers fan. I have read every novel in this series, so of course I couldn’t miss out on this one! And that’s saying something, folks, because I like my mysteries with a heavy dose of romance and while Patrick Bowers has a little romance, it is in no way, my usual fare. My thoughts:

What I liked:

Patrick. Patrick is a great detective and I would say that he really drives the series. I love being in his head, watching him take in small details, and interact with his family. After almost ten books, he feels like an old friend.

Tessa. Patrick’s daughter. She always manages to add something extra to the story. I will say, how nice that she is unusually brilliant in only the most of helpful ways, but I like Tessa.

The mystery. This novel really brings things full circle. Patrick’s been chasing the bad guys in this book almost the entire series, so just like Patrick is familiar so are these guys. But I still enjoyed watching Patrick unravel what was going on. Mr. James’ mysteries are always so well thought out and I never feel like Patrick stumbles across clues. He actually does detective work! I will say some of the crimes are sad and a bit gruesome, but Patrick chases serial killers, so…..

Spiritually, the Bower novels are not your usual straight up Christian fiction, but the point of his novels seems to be that all me are capable of evil, but God keeps us from going down that route.

What I didn’t like:

At times it felt like Patrick was always trying to teach me something. His internal monologue could often turn into a lecture, and I may have skimmed over that so that I could get back to the mystery.

Romance scale: 5

Overall, very enjoyable and you won’t want to put it down.

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