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Jill Williamson’s Rebels


The remnant of Glenrock has been scattered. But they are not beaten.

The Safe Lands have long kept the true meaning of Liberation secret from their people. But after being sentenced to Liberation themselves, Mason and Omar soon discover the truth.

Levi watched his brothers’ public sentencing and tries to hold out hope they are still alive, He is forced to focus his attention elsewhere, however, when his new wife, Jemma, is captured and made the Safe Lands’ newest Queen. His only choice to save Jemma may be to take up Omar’s old role of undercover vigilante, leading the rebels in their quest to overthrow the government. But will Levi’s new role be enough?

Meanwhile, Jemma’s sister, Shaylinn, is ready to give birth to the “Safe Lands’” children … but not even Ciddah is sure they can be delivered safely in the midst of a rebellion. And Mason must face the fact Omar’s illness could be fatal.

If they can all unite their efforts, together they may be able to expose the Safe Lands’ lies to the people. But if they fail, they will all surely die.


Rebels picks up right where Outcasts ended. My thoughts:

What I liked:

Suspense, suspense, suspense. I had great faith in a HEA, but I was still on my toes reading this novel!

Even more secrets are revealed. You think you have one thing figured out, only to find out there’s something else there.

The characters. None of them are flat, and usually I’m not a fan of having so many different points of view, but I loved the characters so much, that I never found it to be a problem. Mason. Omar. Levi. How they have grown since the book! Mason is my favorite and I just love being in his head. Omar is the character who made me feel a variety of emotions: first I was annoyed, then I was afraid for him. then I was proud of him, then I was annoyed with him (and the cycle began again). He’s definitely grown the most and managed to become dear to me. Levi has the rug pulled out from underneath him a couple times, and watching him react to things is always interesting.

And lets not forget the girls! I loved being in Shaylin and Jemma’s head and learning more about Ciddah.

The plot. It was involved and complicated and I loved every minute of it.

Spiritually, you get different portrayals of faith: some positive and some negative, but at the end of the day, faith is motivated by love and that’s seen so well here.

What I didn’t like:

Really I liked everything, but I could have used some more romance (I can always use more romance!). All the couples in this book spent most of the book a part from each other, trying to get to the other. But the writing was so good, I barely noticed this until the end.

Romantic Scale: 7

Overall, I really enjoyed this conclusion. I’m not ready to leave them yet and I kinda want more.

One thought on “Jill Williamson’s Rebels

  1. You got to read it already!?!?! I didn’t read your review since I haven’t it yet, but I’m glad there wasn’t really anything you didn’t like about it! Praying to get my copy soon!

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