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Mondays Musings…Series: Do you like Them?

In general, I love series. I like the idea of a having a longer, fully fleshed out story that pulls you in completely. BUT, the worse thing about series, as any reader knows, is the break in between. It’s the time after you’ve read a book and loved it, and feel like you know all the characters, but realize it’ll be a year before you meet them again. And then time goes by, and no matter how much you loved the book, characters get forgotten, you forget the small nuances, the anxiety slowly begins to wear off…

I will admit, I oftentimes wonder if authors can really expect to maintain a big following when they release one book a year (particularly if they are indie). It’s not that I wouldn’t buy book two, merely that I have forgotten about book two. And so, I have been known to not even start a series until at least two or three books are out.

That said, there are some fantastic authors who do their best to release books in a timely fashion: Jill Williamson, Lisa T. Bergren, Susan May Warren, Julie Lessman, Jody Hedlund, to name a few.

So, thoughts. Love series? Hate series? Think they take too much time in between?

6 thoughts on “Mondays Musings…Series: Do you like Them?

  1. For the most part I do, but I have found myself lately enjoying novels that are not part of a series! I find I forget some of those minor details after a long release of the next book in the series! However I’ll still pick up a good series depending on the author! 🙂

  2. I love them if I can be sure that I’ll be able to get hold of each of the books. I agree with you, that it’s frustrating to have to wait while each is being written. For this reason, I prefer to make sure the series has been completed before beginning with Book 1, as I’m an impatient person when I get stuck into a story.

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