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Monday Musings…Drama

I just recently read a book that had lots and lots of drama in it. And I so enjoyed it. I was on the edge of my seat figuring out relationships and the way things worked. To be perfectly honest, I don’t always enjoy drama, but when it’s done well, I never want the book to end. So, I thought, what is the difference between good drama and bad drama? Here are some of my ideas:

1. Bad drama usually occurs when the main character is not taking into consideration other people’s feelings. The book will end with the main character and her man happy, and yet leave trails of depression everywhere else. Bad drama leaves you believing the main character is selfish. Bad drama has one of the main characters doing something they don’t want to do and hiding that under the badge of honor. It is not honorable to be in a relationship with someone you don’t want to be with no matter the reason (unless they’re married and if they’re married what were they doing wanting to be with someone else in the first place!). Bad drama has no consequences (of any substance) for the main character if they’ve done wrong.

2. Good drama leaves everyone happy and satisfied at the end even if they had a bit of rollercoaster to get there. And I don’t mean contrived happiness. It must feel authentic. Good drama leaves you believing that the main character is a bit of a victim of their circumstance. If two people can’t be together in a good drama, there is a good reason (war, class restrictions, race issues, etc.).

So, what do you consider bad drama? What do you consider good drama?

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