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Jennifer Hartz’s The Ghost Runner


The boy was 8-years-old when he died. Decades later he came to play with us. 

Almost every kid grows up playing with ghost runners, imaginary people who run the bases for you when you don’t have enough kids to play. Twelve-year-old Chandler Dean is no exception, but nothing could surprise Chandler more than a real ghost joining the game. 

Chandler must uncover the mystery of the ghost runner all the while dealing with middle school adolescence, including his best friend moving away and awkward interactions with a new crush. Chandler’s search for answers uncovers both past and present tragedies. Is Chandler strong enough to endure why the ghost runner has come?


The Ghost Runner is a short novella that you can have read in one reading…and not just because it’s short! It’s engaging, interesting, and a wee bit mysterious. Though the main character in this novella is 13 years old, I would argue that the story is probably geared more towards older readers. 

What I liked:

– Though I’m not one for children’s books, I actually really liked that Chandler was young and that you got to see everything through his eyes. 

– I really liked the idea of a ghost runner because I had never heard it before and the added bonus of Nicholas really had me invested in the story to see what had happened. 

– Spiritually, I would have to say that this book deals with the issue of death and how God works all things out for the good to those that love him and those that are called according to his purpose. There is tragedy and then there is hope.

What I didn’t like:

– The ending was a surprise to me. I didn’t see that one coming. 

– Chandler’s voice in the narrative sometimes was informational and sometimes came across as older than he was.

Overall, a very good novella that is both creative and intriguing.

Romantic Scale: N/A (though there is a huge case of puppy love)

**I received this book from the author. My opinion was not affected in any way.**

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