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Monday Musings….Are We Harder on Heroines Than Heroes?

I noticed recently, that generally if I don’t like a book, I blame the girl. Not the boy. I like my heroes anyway you present them: Alphas, Betas, introverts, extroverts, nice guys, bad boys (in need of redemption!), younger than their love interest, older than their love interest, fathers, widows, never been married, no children, laid back, great sense of humor, devastatingly handsome, ordinary, Godly, in need of a walk with God, etc. In fact, I’ve noticed that the more different they are from the typical hero, the more I usually love them. 

But, I realized that I don’t give such deference to heroines. In fact, there is a whole list of attributes that usually make me groan, when the heroine has them (though they are not indicative of whether or not I will like the book): flighty, not serious about God, too old, too many children, meddlesome, worrisome, dramatic, impulsive, too needy, too tough, etc. 

And then…I realized that I was describing women who are the opposite of me (or even the opposite of what I would like to be). So do we as female readers try to impose our personalities on the heroine and that is why she usually gets the short end of the stick?

Thoughts anyone?

2 thoughts on “Monday Musings….Are We Harder on Heroines Than Heroes?

  1. Yes, you’re spot on! IMHO which means relatively naught, most often the female reader wants to become the heroine, So readers impose their ‘better’ self on the imperfect paper cutout that has little chance to win over its amazingly perfect reader. Example; I dislike needy, whiny, self-indulgent heroines and yet I act out such behavior daily. Which leads me to the idealistic fact that only opposites attract. How boring and predictable if the hero and heroine’s personalities were alike. Then again, I dislike needy, whiny, self-indulgent heroes and (sigh) per usual, I’m whining.

    1. So true, if the hero and heroine are the same than the book would be boring. Readers demand so much! We want variety and yet still have a character that we can relate to…no pressure 🙂

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