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Tamara Leigh’s The Kindling



Helene of Tippet is not her father or her brother’s keeper. Yet when she is enlisted to use her healing skills to aid a fallen knight, the secret she holds close threatens to visit her family’s sins upon her. Now she is in danger of loving where she should not—a man of the nobility, and one who has cause to despise her if ever he learns of the blood that courses through her veins. Dare she reveal herself? Dare she trust a warrior so bitter and intent on revenge? Dare she love?

Sir Abel Wulfrith, a man bred to battle, has the scar to prove one should never trust a woman. But when he is wounded by his family’s enemy, he finds himself at the mercy of one who could prove his undoing. Now he faces a battle against which no strategy can prevail, no blade can defend, no heart can escape unscathed. Can he forgive Helene the sins of the father—more, the sins of the brother? Can he reclaim his faith? Can he love?


What I Liked: I’m always so excited when Ms. Leigh releases a new book and I now know that I can count on her for good medieval romance. But I will say, that initially, I thought that Abel and Helene didn’t really need their own book because clearly there was something going on between them in book three.

However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they were entitled to their own book. Helene is probably one of my favorite heroines in the series. She’s smart, capable and extremely straightforward. Have I mentioned that I love straightforward heroines? They have a hard time keeping a secret and Helene does have one. Abel was an interesting hero because at times he was hard to like. There were many times when I wanted to say get over it already! But he well redeems himself in the end.

Spiritually, I enjoyed watching Helena pray and even struggle at times to be obedient. Her faith felt realistic. And Abel has to learn to turn to God particularly when things don’t go his way.

What I Didn’t Like: It did seem a bit longer than it needed to be in the sense that I felt like a certain someone was creating a problem that wasn’t really there.

Overall, enjoyable. I so like the Wulfriths and I am really excited about the last one that comes out next year!

Romantic Scale: 8.5

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