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Nancy Rue’s Tournaments, Cocoa, and One Wrong Move


Perfect? Everything seems to be going right for Cassidy Brewster—she’s the star of her high school basketball team, has a near-perfect GPA, and college recruiters are showing up at her games. But during the state tournament she injures herself, and her season appears to be over. With pressures at home and at school, Cassidy turns desperate and makes choices that only increase the number of problems in her life. As Cassidy’s carefully controlled world falls apart, a mysterious book begins to speak to her, and it might just contain the answers Cassidy has been trying to find.


I so enjoyed this book! It is the third book of the Real Life series, but you don’t need to read them in order to understand what is happening. In this novel, Cassidy is the main character and she starts off with a bit of a complex and I enjoyed seeing how she changed and developed throughout the novel. I particularly liked the guy she ends up with because, having read two other novels in this series, he wasn’t what I was expecting. He was not the typical perfect teen boy that is in every teen romance. I also thought it was very realistic of the author that not all the loose ends were tied up. When the book ended, everything was not perfect, but you could begin to see a glimmer of how things would change. Personally,  I love how each character of Ms. Rue’s is so unique and so different and I don’t feel like I’m reading the same person with a different name. Spiritually, I love how the “Bible” becomes personalized for Cassidy. And if you’ve read other books in this series than you really see how Ms. Rue was able to use different parts of the Bible to speak to each girl’s situation. So true to real life. This is a great YA novel! Highly Recommended!

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