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Ruth Axtell’s Moonlight Masquerade


Lady Celine Wexham seems the model British subject. French by birth but enjoying life in 1813 as a widowed English countess, she is in the unique position of being able to help those in need–or to spy for the notorious Napoleon Bonaparte. When Rees Phillips of the British Foreign Office is sent to pose as the countess’s butler and discover where her true loyalties lie, he is confident he will uncover the truth. But the longer he is in her fashionable townhouse in London’s West End, the more his staunch loyalty to the Crown begins to waver as he falls under Lady Wexham’s spell. Will he find the proof he needs? And if she is a spy after all, will he do the right thing?


As a huge fan of regency novels, I was greatly looking forward to this book because how on earth does an aristocratic woman fall in love with her butler? Well, you’ll just have to read the novel to find out! 😉 I thought that this novel was a bit slow in parts, particularly because I cherished every moment that Rees and Celine were together. Because when they were together, it was totally worth it. I really enjoyed that there was an openness to this book that was refreshing because deceptiveness in books can be a tricky issue to me. Spiritually, I like how Rees hears from God and ultimately answers to him and how his faith affects Celine’s. Overall, I really enjoyed this novel and look forward to the next one!

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