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Shawna K. Williams


Pastor David Langley understands six-year old Caleb Holsheyer — what it feels
like to be damaged and alone. His family killed in a fire, and his body severely
burned, David grew up in an orphanage, ridiculed and shunned. He couldn’t let
that be Caleb’s fate.

When adoption plans fall through, David is
desperate to find Caleb a new home. But in the midst of the Great Depression,
most families are barely getting by. No one seems willing to take on the
responsibility of an extra mouth, especially one belonging to a crippled

Except for Sadie Miller, the town spinster. In Sadie, David sees
the answer to Caleb’s needs. But Child Welfare doesn’t agree, and demands other
arrangements be found, or the boy be returned to the orphanage.

David and Sadie team up, determined to find a home for an orphaned child, but while
searching, might they find a family instead.


If you’re feeling in the Christmas spirit (like me!) and want to read a Christmas novel, this is a great one. It’s a tad bit shorter than I like, but the characters are very well developed and you can’t help but love Caleb, understand David, and feel for Sadie. When I first read the back of this novel, I thought for sure that I knew what would happen, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it didn’t go the way I thought it would. To a certain degree, Christmas books are a bit corny, but I thought that this one didn’t fall into that category because Christmas wasn’t held up as the end all be all. Spiritually, David and Sadie have to learn to walk by faith because their circumstances certainly don’t make things look possible. Good book and great for the season.

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