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Jennifer Hartz’s Future Savior Book Four: Desecration

Charis’ latest time paradox has left me staggering. The history of Meric is being unraveled right before my eyes. While some unimaginable questions are being answered, even more start to creep up. Will we make it out of this place alive? Will we make it back to Meric in time to stop Leticia and save our friends? Will I ever marry Shaw, the man of my dreams?

I guess only time holds the answers to these questions. Considering I’m not even in my own time, I’m not so sure anymore. One thing I do know is I never would have thought Meric’s origins would have been in this place.

The long awaited book 4 is out! And it was good. In this novel comrades are lost and friends made. I loved diving back into Meric with Christina and Shaw, and in spite of the time since I read the third novel, I didn’t feel like I had left. I really enjoyed learning about the past in this novel and frankly, I take my hat off to Ms. Hartz for writing such a layered novel. The pages turned quickly and before I knew it, the novel was finished (September of next year?! Sigh). What I loved about this book? The way everything is explained. I’m never lost through Christina’s eyes and each revelation for the way things are in Meric makes since. I really like how there is more than one love story besides Christina and that they are not hastily thrown together. The only drawback? I did feel that sometimes the characters got very romantic at odd moments. Spiritually, I love Timothy’s desire to know His Creator and how Shaw explains that God has never changed and never will and that He puts rules in place to protect us. I am also enjoying watching Christina develop as a believer. Fun book. I recommend you read the series in order and you won’t want to put this one down!

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