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Kim Woodhouse and Ronie Kendig’s Denali Dreams

Catch a glimpse of Denali National Park through the eyes of four courageous women. Karon Granger beat cancer, but can she climb Mt. McKinley—the tallest mountain in North America? Is heiress Jolie Decouteau safe from the rugged terrain and an assassin? Will flightseeing tour guide Deline Tsosi uncover the sabotage that endangers her business—and find her heart melting for an Alaskan ranger? Can love conquer all when the past threatens the protective walls of Deanna Smith’s remote job? Will Denali spell disaster or dream-come-true romance?

I usually don’t like short stories or novellas because everything happens so quickly. However, when I saw one of the author’s names, I knew I had to read to this book. And I was not disappointed. Like most short stories there was a kind of assumed background for all the stories, but still each story worked so well. I liked that many of the characters were recycled throughout all four to attempt to give the collection a seamlessness (though I do feel that some of their personalities changed a wee bit). Overall, a great collection and I am so glad I read it. Spiritually, a big theme is overcoming your fear, but that’s not surprising seeing as climbing Denali is a huge part of the novel. For those of you who like short stores, highly recommended.

**I recieved this copy from netgalley. My opinion was not affected in any way.**

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