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Judith Miller’s A Hidden Truth

When Karlina Richter finds out that a new shepherd will be sent to East Amana, she fears she’ll no longer be able to help her father with the sheep. She’ll be relegated back to kitchen work, a job she dislikes. Her fears increase when Anton Becker arrives and shows little interest in the flock–or in divulging why he’s been sent to East. Dare she trust Anton to help her father, or is he keeping secrets that will impact them all?

After learning that her father will be transferred from Cincinnati to a job in Texas, Dovie Cates decides she wants to visit the Amana Colonies, where her mother spent her formative years. She writes to relatives still living in the Colonies and is invited to spend some time there. Soon after her arrival, Dovie meets Berndt, the handsome young man who delivers bread to the kitchen house each day. But when Dovie begins to ask questions about her mother’s past, no one seems willing to tell her anything, so Dovie decides to take matters into her own hands. Will her decision spell disaster for her future with Berndt?

I really liked this book and I was surprised because I’m not a huge fan of bonnet books. Dovie and Karlina were such great heroines that you couldn’t help but like them. I thought the mystery behind Dovie’s mother, however, was the most intriguing part. It had me turning pages late into the evening. I did think the romance was a bit rushed in this novel, but that might be due to the fact that there are two heroines. I thought Anton was a unique and interesting hero, and I enjoyed watching him develop. Berndt, though, didn’t give me that much information to work with. I also was surprised with Dovie’s decision in the end because she didn’t seem like that much of a rule follower. That said, good writing and an absolute page-turner! Spiritually, I enjoy how Dovie and Karlina constantly ask God to help them make decisions. He is a vibrant part of their lives. Recommended!

**I recieved this copy from BethanyHouse. My opinion was not affected in any way**

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